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Add colors in the Ranking page of GBG

Do you think this modification would be good?

  • Yes

    Votes: 41 93.2%
  • No

    Votes: 3 6.8%

  • Total voters


Add the colors that are assigned to guilds in the Battlegrounds, ALSO to the leaderboard lines (the rankingpage) that are currently neutral.
More understandable and better visual impact
Sorry for my bed english. Try to do my best >.<

Now to each guild in Battleground is assigned a color, which is clearly visible on the map and makes understandable the progress (or regressions :p) during the GBG.
But if the ranking is opened, this distinction is not so clear because the guilds can only be recognized by the symbol,
and use of the color on the map is completely lost.
I have to go and look on the map for the color of the HQ comparing it with the symbol it has in the ranking. Uncomfortable....
It could greatly accelerate this distinction by coloring the rows of the ranking!
So, if on the map, especially in the central part, I have doubts whether that sector belongs to a guild or another, I just need to open the ranking, see what color is what guild, and I know whose it is.
As shown in the two screens below, it would also avoid confusion if two guilds have the same symbol (Guild 4 and Guild7 from the ranking)
Only graphic update. No impact on the game.
Abuse Prevention
No abuse. It's just a visual improvement.
Color the rank row in GBG to have more clearity
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
No yet suggested.
Visual Aids



It has indeed been asked for before. Does anyone know whether Inno gacve a reply as to whether they intend to take it up? I am still very much in favor of it.


I’d love it as long as it’s a toned down version of each colour. Fully saturated colours are a bit too bright in this context if you’re going to make a big block of colour.