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Spoiler 2022 Halloween Event


What good stats do you think can be added to a decoration apart from Happiness?
attack boost :rolleyes:
isn't that what players want most

and there are already all-age decos in sets which give goods and/or FP

or maybe a new permanent boost
like: +5% (lv.1) / +10% (lv.2) on goods buildings (not event building goods. or maybe also for them)

because: there are already so many coin / supply boosts available but non for goods
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What good stats do you think can be added to a decoration apart from Happiness?

i ecpect those to be somewhat similar to the 2x2 flower maidens from the last event:

- up to 9% def boost for the attacking army
- 3 forge points
- coins
- happiness

pretty cool for 2x2


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If it's similar to Archaeology Event in terms of tools you have to use you should be able to get 8 or even 9 from the minigame (if you focus on grand prizes, so fewer dailies), in that case it might even be possible without calendar. Guess we'll have to see what we get :)


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On thing I am still wondering about in regard to the two decorations is:
if it is an upgradeable building, there are no images for upgrade kits yet... so it is likely those either are limited buildings after all (and the images in the loading screen are the other way around/misleading), or some new mechanic...


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Yeah, the "lv1" could be just a regular decoration (as the name suggests), but when polished it changes into the "lv2" building, with different boosts for example.

With the limited buildings you already have the mechanic of buildings changing to a different building on a timer (every level of a building is technically a different building in the code), so this probably wouldn't be that difficult to add.


People didn't like free bonuses that lasted 5 days and didnt leave behind an ugly expired building, but inno believes that players are going to spend money on that intentionally....weird ...to say the least
Inno KNOW that people spend money on the event pass

they look on the sales (amount of activated passes) from previous events :rolleyes:

so if nobody would have bought them previously the limited buildings would already be removed
It depends. Not everyone buys the premium pass for the limited buildings. They will check how many players actually build these buildings in their city to determine if they are a success or not.

I bought the premium pass from the Fellowship event for the Flower Maidens. I won't buy the pass from Summer event(it's crap) but I will buy the premium pass from the Fall event for the avatar and Donkey enclosure.

I would expect something like limited buildings would need at least 3 events to get a proper look at whether or not to keep doing them. It’s new. Chances are you’re going to get players purchasing them initially because it’s new. Once the newness has worn off then it’ll be purchased more on the basis of worth and less on the basis of new toy

Also, if players are already buying the Event Pass, then the limited building is likely only intended to increase the amount of players doing so, or retain the interest on those players continuing to buy the pass.


My guess would be next week, probably mid week (most beta events recently has started on a thursday, though fall started on a wednesday).
I was hoping it would start sooner, today for example. It's not that I want so many events but I can't wait to see the stats of the new buildings.


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guess the art department got wrong information for the loading screen...