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Forum 2014 Beta Winter Wish List

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Retired Community Manager

Greetings and Best Winter Wishes to all of our Beta Testers!

We often get feedback from our valued testers on ideas and improvements they have for the game, and although we would like to consider each and every one the sheer volume of them makes that difficult. So now we want to hear your very best, we want to know what you think.

So we are happy to announce our

2014 Beta Winter Wish List

If you have an idea to improve some existing game feature, or a new feature you feel would be a great addition to the game, then now is your chance to tell us.
This Winter Wish List is for all of you, the testers who help us every day to improve the game, and create a better game experience for everyone. This is your chance to be heard by all the members of the Beta Team and by the entire Beta Community.
Be as detailed as you can in your explanations of your ideas, and include any supporting graphics you feel might make your idea more understandable. As long as you follow the forum rules, you can express your idea in the best way you choose.

To keep this organized and easier to monitor we have some rules we need everyone to follow when participating in the Wishlist, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

To read the rules and post your wish please go here

*Please do not post feedback to others wishes in this thread*

If you wish to share your thoughts on anothers wish please do that here *Read the sticky there first*

Amy Steele

Hello Beta Testers,

Thank you for all your wishes! We had such a massive response that we decided to leave the competition open a couple of extra days to give as many as possible the chance to take part. However, all good things must come to an end, so the thread will be closed in approximately 12 hours time, at midnight GMT tonight, so the Beta Team can begin the task of sorting and evaluating everyone's wishes.

If you have not already added a wish, please do so as soon as possible. You can post your wish here.

Due to the large number of wishes, we will be making a shortlist for you to vote on. We appreciate your patience as we sift through all the wishes to decide on the shortlist.

Further details regarding the shortlist and the voting process will be announced shortly.