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Search results

  1. Fire Lord

    Productions for special buildings.

    Proposal: add pictures and names to productions Reason: I think it's odd that some special buildings have production items and some don't. It's been something I've been wanting to ask to be changed for a while, I just haven't yet. Details: It'll really just add new pictures and names. Visual...
  2. Fire Lord

    Discussion Are the events closer together?

    Spring was only 9 days after st pat day, and the time between FB and SPD was very little as well. Did anyone else notice that and has someone heard why? Usually I can run 6 worlds with no problem, but now I'm eating with one hand, playing foe with the other, and sleeping 4 hours a day. I need to...
  3. Fire Lord

    Discussion Winter bakery chain

    I thought the winter event building was a chain building, so I spend all 4,000 diamonds on them in my us worlds. Unfortunately, they aren't which was a surprise to both my brother and me. Are they changing it, are they not? Do people want it to be a chain? From my understanding, you just needed...
  4. Fire Lord

    Discussion space age venus food farm idea.

    this thread is irrelevant now, and I've deleted all my messages.
  5. Fire Lord

    Do Not Suggest SAV GB idea. Not Dnsl, just a quick suggestion.

    Proposal: Most of the goods for space-age: venus are food-related, so I had an idea for a space farm gb. I have no clue what it would produce, and I don't want to come up with an idea so it's not dnsl. Reason: It was a simple idea that hit me tonight, and I thought, hey this would be super...
  6. Fire Lord

    Misspelling in The savior completion text.

    simple mispelling, easy to fix.
  7. Fire Lord

    Fixed on Beta: St patricks day portraits

    Instead of getting forge bowl portraits, I am getting people that look like they are from st Patricks day. I'm not sure how much info you guys need so I took screenshots of everything.