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Search results

  1. New Idea Mobile: Changes to the social interface

    Additionally, the friend limit got increased to 140, meaning some people now have to aid up to 300 players per day
  2. New Idea Mobile: Changes to the social interface

    With the new changes brought by the last changelog, there are new things to be added to the suggestion. CURRENT: - Favorite achievements that are displayed by a non-friend seem to be "floating", as there is nothing to cover the space that is reserved to display the new activity indicator: -...
  3. New Idea Entered texts clearing option from inventory search bar

    Also the text field input for the inventory and for Great Buildings is shared. This shouldn’t be like that, right?
  4. Player trading implausibly high amounts of goods

    One of my guildmates went seeking for lower era goods to donate to treasury. He was constantly creating offers at 2:1, offering goods from SAM, SAAB and SAV. In a few weeks he managed to find a total of ~230k goods to donate.
  5. If a leader applies the blockade on the CBG, should the province really be blocked?

    What would happen when there are no leaders online (nor guild members with building permissions) and a sector has to be conquered? ——————————————— O que aconteceria quando não houvesse líderes online (nem membros da guilda com permissão de construção) e um setor tivesse que ser conquistado?
  6. New Chain Ability

    Yes, looks like you only noticed the colours on the message and nothing else. He’s literally giving a detailed explanation of the difference between Sets and Chains. Please read it again
  7. Fixed on Beta: GB overview displays wrong production amount

    Opening the overview page of any GB that produces goods (not guild goods), either yours or from other player, while being in Modern Era or higher, the production expected for the next level is displayed as if the player was below Modern Era, and therefore it displays half of the correct amount...
  8. Previous messages in a thread load too fast

    In the last patch, there have been some changes to the message center on mobile. One of them was speeding up the load of older messages, Before: Scrolling up past the 20 first messages of a thread would load 20 more messages. If you wanted to find an old message, it would took you long before...
  9. Feedback Castle System

    I’ve received an announcement on my e-mail too (on ES server). Is the release global then?
  10. Feedback Fall Event 2021

    30 fragments
  11. Discussion New and in need of battle help

    No, you can't replace those troops, you can only heal them using diamonds as you said. But I wouldn't do that, it's too expensive, you rather negotiate instead, since negotiating only demands 10 diamonds for each extra turn (in case you need any).
  12. Level-up lock for Great Buildings

    There’s already a “feature” for this: disconnect the GB from the town hall, and reconnect it only when either you or a friend want to put their fp into it. And yes, this involves sacrificing the GB rewards, but dealing with snipers is part of the strategy of the game, and it’s up to you to find...
  13. Feedback PvP Arena (reworked)

    Lucky you, I always get bots in the 1st and 2nd slots, and a rotation of the same 4-5 players on the 3rd slot.
  14. New design element for selected buildings to allow to be built partially over (span) a road without interrupting road continuity from Town Hall.

    If I’m not wrong, it’s the staff who judges what is in the DNSL and what isn’t. What’s the point of discussing about it?
  15. Feedback Castle System

    I think that's because they want to have the same total number of all building prizes. Right now there's 7 Rogue Hideouts, 7 Wishing Wells, 7 Shrines of Knowledge, 7 Rogue Hideout Shrink Kits and 7 Wishing Well Shrink Kits if you sum up the prizes from all 15 levels
  16. Feedback Cultural Settlements - Mughal Empire

    Well, maybe it's not written at it's best. The "can" there tries to mean that some of the rewards are only obtained when the building is motivated. All the other rewards are always obtained with each collection
  17. Do Not Suggest New attack building

    Abandoned Asylum (25 tiles) Altar of Artemis (6 tiles) The Appleton Cottage (12 tiles) Botanical Rotunda (9 tiles) Carousel (9 tiles) Celtic Forest Set (30 tiles) The Charcoal Express (21 tiles) Checkmate Square (9 tiles) Cherry Garden Set (25 tiles) Classical Garden Set (16 tiles) Colossus (16...
  18. Feedback The Summer Event returns for 2021

    What about the sentinel outpost as silver prize?
  19. Feedback The Summer Event returns for 2021

    Seems like BG gets buffed again!