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Search results

  1. Reported to Developers: Not able to unlock Threads

    It doesn't apply to Guild threads only, also Social threads. Can't lock/unlock, hide/unhide. When will this be fixed please?
  2. Reported to Developers: Can't mark messages as Hidden in the Message Center

    It is not working still: Guild threads, Social threads, they cannot be made locked/hidden/important PC, since i have no mobile. Please fix this asap, it's getting frustrating and people who don't understand the issue left the guild because they couldn't hide messages.
  3. Reported to Developers: Can't mark messages as Hidden in the Message Center

    Stil not fixed, also locking threads is not possible anymore.
  4. Feedback Halloween Event 2021

    The chance of getting the daily prizes and the frequency of the pumpkins is so frustrating low that it's not even worth spending diamonds on it.
  5. Spoiler Castle System

    Antiques dealers has some additions now