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Search results

  1. Amdira

    New Idea Ample system for guild activity

    Create a ample system for guild activity visible to all players
  2. Amdira

    Not A Bug: St. Patricks Event - Counter not active

    By upgrading factories as required for tasks the counter doesn't actualize - upgrades are being counted only after closing and re-opening Mini-Game
  3. Amdira

    Duplicate: Server time nulled in global chat

    Just found server time in global chat nulled out on some reason
  4. Amdira

    Make GEx more attractive

    Since GG has been implemented, GEx is losing its attractiveness more and more. Nobody wants Faces of the Ancient or Victory Towers as rewards in relics of level 4 anymore. There are so many options for better, more attractive rewards you could offer especially for higher levels of GEx. What...
  5. Amdira

    Timing of Daily Challenges

    I mean ... seriously on a Tuesday? ... https://prnt.sc/olwe8j
  6. Amdira

    Fixed on Beta: Shinto Temple for sale?

    As the Shinto Temple is a unique building like Yggdrasil I guess it should not be for sale ... https://prnt.sc/o70gw9 Same for Timeless Dojo Kit https://prnt.sc/o70tk2
  7. Amdira

    Not A Bug: Feudal Japan - wrong icon in Timeless Dojo Lvl 5 preview

    Guess the shown icon is the one for attack bonus and nor for random unit, as it should be https://prnt.sc/o700qu
  8. Amdira

    Suggestion: Special units from settlement emissaries

    What about if the emissary providing a unit from the Town Hall would give a special unit (all ages) according to the settlement like - battle axe fighters for vikings maybe with a hit bonus - priestess for Egypts with healing effect
  9. Amdira

    Suggestion: Absence status for GE

    For guilds with priority on GE the absence of one single player due to vacation or illness can be crucial, especially if it's one of the founders, who cannot just leave the guild for the period of absence. I think it would be fine, if there would be a possibility to put someone into kinda...
  10. Amdira

    Fixed on Beta: Archeology Event quest #25 "Win 1 battles without losing"

    1. Amount of battles varies in ages - then it's correct 2. it's 1 battle for all ages - you can delete "without losing" 3. Should be more battles for all ages - pls correct In Iron Age it worked with only 1 battle
  11. Amdira

    Suggestion: Donating goods through GBs

    Would like to have the goods donations to guild treasury requested in DC or event-quests being done by GBs like Observatory, The Arc or Atomium. It makes no sense to me, why the good donations have to be done out of the inventory, if you could use the GBs
  12. Amdira

    Fixed on Beta: Low Performance message at every login

    The "Low performane" - message appears with every login although I'm clicking "Don't show again" when choosing "NO" I do know my performance is low, but don't want to deactivate animations. But the message appears at every login again. 1.147.5ef1eabd56c (25.02.2019 9:22), WEB 7,1,1,0, Windows...
  13. Amdira

    Reported to Developers: Wrong name for buildings in event-quest

    Guess it should be "Production building" instead of "workshop-building" https://prnt.sc/mf38to
  14. Amdira

    Suggestion: Link to market for GB-goods in inventory

    As there is only the "buy with diamonds"-button in the inventory for goods needed for GBs to build - I would prefer a link to market like in research or on the continental map for negotiations
  15. Amdira

    Do Not Suggest Suggestion: Advantage for active participants on events

    Suggestion: Make a split between interested and not interested players at the start of an event by a choice-button like "I want to participate on this event" - Yes - No Participating players would be given an advantage by adding event prices to Daily Challenges and Incidents (i.e. Special...