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Search results

  1. Heal all button

    Without the recent performance issues you actually can fight a lot faster on mobile. Windows for rewards and results can be tapped away before (!) they fully appear. On PC you can't do that and have to wait.
  2. Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 13th September

    Will it then be possible to directly write a message to a player on PC instead of having to look that player up in the rankings?
  3. Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 26th July

    I like it. There have been so many questions from other players whether a symbol stands for attacking or defending army. Now it's clear.
  4. Fixed on Beta: Friends Tavern no longer clears when collected

    It's not just when clearing. The counter also won't be updated when someone visits your tavern while being online. Also, when visiting cities of other players the values of the counter of their tavern are not their values but your own (wrong) ones.
  5. Discussion Delay when aborting quests & killing off Questing

    As far as I remember about the zoom it's the same feedback as it was here. It has been reported to the developers that many players don't like it. However, there is this statement: https://forum.de.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/update-auf-version-1-199.51014/page-4#post-417155 One user...
  6. Discussion Delay when aborting quests & killing off Questing

    There's good news. This was announced on the German forums today: https://forum.de.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/update-auf-version-1-199.51013/#post-417805 "Presumably with the next update the delay on aborting quests will be removed. As stated in the beginning, the delay is a side...
  7. Discussion Delay when aborting quests & killing off Questing

    Feedback is worth nothing anymore. All Inno does is annoy their players.
  8. Discussion Delay when aborting quests & killing off Questing

    They implemented the delay on the live servers. Time to quit.
  9. Feedback PvP Arena (reworked)

    Yes, please!
  10. Discussion Click Click Click Recurring Quests

    They're just punishing all the honest players by making recurring quests even more time consuming. https://forum.beta.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/delay-when-aborting-quests.14382/
  11. Delay when aborting quests

    Well, if InnoGames hates their players it might be time to play something else... If you want to stop the few players who really exploit recurring quests, then remove the fighting ones in SAAB.
  12. Feedback Message Center Changes

    Actually, in the old one I have to click back and forth since there are way too many messages and threads in a single list. The new one is far more organized.
  13. Feedback Message Center Changes

    I know. But then guild messages and messages with other players are mixed up again. This would defeat the purpose of the update.
  14. Feedback Message Center Changes

    Looks pretty good so far! There is one more thing I'd like to have: Since there can be spies in GBG and GvG there should be guild message threads which new members will not automatically join. There should be an option to do it manually. My guild on the live servers does not add new members to...