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Search results

  1. Fixed on Beta: GB overview displays wrong production amount

    Opening the overview page of any GB that produces goods (not guild goods), either yours or from other player, while being in Modern Era or higher, the production expected for the next level is displayed as if the player was below Modern Era, and therefore it displays half of the correct amount...
  2. Previous messages in a thread load too fast

    In the last patch, there have been some changes to the message center on mobile. One of them was speeding up the load of older messages, Before: Scrolling up past the 20 first messages of a thread would load 20 more messages. If you wanted to find an old message, it would took you long before...
  3. New Idea Mobile: Changes to the social interface

    Currently, mobile users should only take a couple of minutes to do all their motivate/polish thanks to the automatic motivating/polishing system. However, there are some aspects of the interface that make this difficult and annoying, and which can be easily solved. This is what I'm referring to...
  4. Discussion More levels for the Statue of Honor

    I'm in one of the top guilds in my server and we are very competitive in GbG, which means we get a lot of Statue fragments every day. The problem is that it comes to a point where you have 15 - 20 maxed Statues in your city and you don't know what building to remove next to make some space...