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  1. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Order of Buildings at the Reconstruction Mode Tabs

    Current: The Reconstruction Mode has 4 tabs where the buildings and roads of the city are displayed for the Player to select and place at the city grid that is in Reconstruction. The tabs classify the buildings in the following categories: Roads, Great Buildings, Cultural Buildings &...
  2. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea New event type : Short Events

    Proposal: Not a change of current seasonal or special events we have now, those to continue as currently designed. Not a change to the historical events we had earlier. Add a new type of event that only requires to complete a task as many times possible for a limited period of time. Rewards...
  3. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Increase the challenge at Side Quests, at least once per Era.

    Current: Most of the quests at the game are just menial boring everyday tasks, no real challenge after a while in the game. Some asks for things that the player does not really needs or be aligned to the Player's strategy and ends as resources wasting in build or doing things to get demolished...
  4. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Uniform the Info Pop Up screens that show the rewards from a Building

    Current: When the player clicks on a building the game pop ups a window with information about the building. Not all buildings display all the relevant information at these Info Pop Up screens, for many buildings incomplete information is displayed. Examples: Fire Pagoda: Building Name, Age...
  5. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Option to save City Designs from the Reconstruction Mode

    Current: A Player can use the Reconstruction Mode (RM) to remodel the city and store the current not finished new design and return later to finish and Apply it or discard the uncompleted design to start over if not satisfied with the current progress. Player has only two (2) choices: Revert...
  6. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Chain Ability

    Current: Certain sets are designed with a Chain ability which requires to build first a main building and then add the secondary buildings in a row or column after the main building. The main building has to be at the start of the row or column. Example: Winter Train(WT), then a row of train...
  7. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion DNSL: This section is a work in progress.

    The thread containing the Do Not Suggest List (DNSL) starts with the sentence: " This section is a work in progress. " Lets discuss steps towards the progress.
  8. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New design element for selected buildings to allow to be built partially over (span) a road without interrupting road continuity from Town Hall.

    Current: Buildings that require road connection to Town Hall has to be built with at least one road tile touching the building at one of the sides (top, right side, left side or bottom). Proposed: Allow for a selected group of buildings (new and/or current) to be built partially over a road...
  9. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Alternative Eras at Research Tree

    Develop new Eras for Research Tree that are tied not necessarily after the last Era released (or announced) but as an alternative new Era tied to a past Era already released. I mean: Current: Research Tree runs like a straight line, each new era starts right after the previous one, currently...
  10. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    General Grivious image at SAV

    What happened to General Grivious image at SAV? It is showing the image of Ragu Silvertongue at live server but identified as the General.
  11. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion City Grid Expansion

    The current City Grid is about to be completely full when new expansions released for SAV era are placed down. To where and for how many expansions it will / should grow? Should expansions reach the ocean? Should the Friends Tavern and or Auction Dealer be relocated? Lets talk about space.
  12. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion Do you play in multiple Servers / Worlds? Why?

    This was asked in another Discussion thread and could be discussed in it own thread. I have (or have had) cities in all worlds of the EN Server, plus Beta, my Main City is at EN-4 Dinegu, second most developed city is at EN-8 Houndsmoor. My reasons to have more than one city in live worlds...
  13. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Higher Requirements Recurring Quests

    I propose to change the requirements of the RQs, all or possibly most of them, by 10x, 100x, or similar figures. Also to change the rewards to be given proportionally to the new requirement, and that the Total Reward to be collected in phases (four (4) or five (5) partial rewards), or if the...
  14. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion Feedback works !!!

    Frequently we read about that our opinions and feedback are not being heard or paid attention to, but recently: PVP Arena was removed from Live and sent back to the drawing board. (https://forum.beta.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/pvp-arena-deactivation.13617/) Forum Removal has been...
  15. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Forwarded Option to Start the game without the Tutorial

    To provide an option to start the game in a new world without the need to go through the tutorial. Limit this option only to players that have already cities developed. Being a new player in a world does not necessarily implies that the player is new to FOE.
  16. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Do Not Suggest Adopt an Inactive City

    Provide a way to reactivate an inactive city but under "new management".
  17. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Reduce cluttering at screen - New Reminders Tab at Town Hall

    Create a Reminders tab at Town Hall similar to the Events History to have there reminders from the game about things to do at the city.
  18. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion How long to complete an Era? Any rules of thumb? Expected Averages? How long is too long?

    Interested in others opinions on How much time spent in an Era considering: Complete the Era (finish tech tree) Complete main / side questlines Stay in era preparing for the next Use recurring quests others...