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  1. Thunderdome

    Feedback Castle System

    Again, this would make many lose interest in GE if no incentive is made to improve. I would like higher castle points for the amount of effort I put into higher difficulties, not lower ones. Seems like so. Some of the daily challenges, reward wise, are not worth the quests they asked for...
  2. Thunderdome

    Beta App Daily Changelog w/c 19th July

    If this is for the Beta App that we are testing, I would say that the Rogue Den would show zZ after the settlement productions are collected. When I tap into the den, it would show all my Rogues gone. However, when I get back to the browser version of my beta city, it would show all my Rogues in...
  3. Thunderdome

    Beware of "Inactivity"

    If everything comes with an Owner's Manual on how something is done, the game would have been a better place. I hardly bother with the PVE Arena (I get bots so it's anything other than PVP). It's only quest fodder for when I need to get those fights/destruction of units in that I could not do...
  4. Thunderdome

    Fixed on Beta: Tavern is full after collection

    Should I be calling the for my little pesky ghost problem?
  5. Thunderdome

    Feedback Castle System

    Cool. It'll be a slow process for this bloke since I only do certain things that I find useful, but I will have the level 15 one day, LOL. I would say when the timer hits 0 and you refreshed. Guess I will find out in 3 hours to see what the "streak" is like that is being talked about.
  6. Thunderdome

    Feedback Castle System

    Ok, so I got a castle in my city, LOL. Anyways, it looks promising but I do have a question: does the total accumulated points stay or reset once the timer hits 0? It seems like the fights (yep, I am a fighter) in GE (the major ones) shrink in value with each successful victory. This is, in my...
  7. Thunderdome

    Feedback Castle System

    So, it's almost 9am on the 21st of July over in Germany and no castle. Must be invisible to be noticed. LOL. Sorry, I am just going to weeble wobble my old self to bed now as it's almost 2am local.
  8. Thunderdome

    Feedback Castle System

    It sounds interesting, but as with everyone else, I would have to voice my feedback as well. I hardly do GBG, GVG, or even PVP (should have changed the name, since it's mostly bots I've been getting, to PVE Arena instead) unless I run out of fights with neighbors or GE and a quest calls for...
  9. Thunderdome

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 19th July

    Just last night, local zone. This is from the same Chrome on a live world... 1.208.a1c7e5eb8b1 (12.07.2021 11:13) Versus Now in the Beta... 1.210.2b8245702ee (14.07.2021 20:26) Even after it was given, it was working until last night (for I come on twice a day to collect and start up on...
  10. Thunderdome

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 19th July

    You guys (Inno) broke it, LOL. It's affecting production, GB, etc. windows.
  11. Thunderdome

    Missing Graphics and/or Buttons

    Button graphics are missing.
  12. Thunderdome

    Feedback The Summer Event returns for 2021

    Yep. Collected 1 Upgrade Kit. The rest were Selection Kits for putting a second villa in my city.
  13. Thunderdome

    Feedback The Summer Event returns for 2021

    So do I. However, just about everyone will probably say the same thing. This is why I liked playing Beta for I can figure which events I can sit out on (due to interest) and which ones I need to get my cities (or new cities built) ready for.
  14. Thunderdome

    Feedback The Summer Event returns for 2021

    You can contribute to your GB (Oracle if given) to fulfill that requirement. However, you will have to wait to unlock it on the tech tree in order to do so. So unless you spend diamonds to get your beta city to where you can do the event, you might have to sit this one out and wait until the...
  15. Thunderdome

    Feedback The Summer Event returns for 2021

    Not going to argue as I won enough upgrade (er, selection) kits to erect a second Governor's Villa onto my city. Now, I am just eyeing on the Pirate Ship upgrade kit (only one is needed for me) so I can get my INNER Pirate on. I probably will wait until the end of the event's time to try for...
  16. Thunderdome

    Discussion Finding incidents hidden behind buildings

    Gathered from communications all across the board (different forums, Facebook, etc.) and reading from their (FoE Helper) site, it seems legal to use and players won't get busted/banned for it. It was told that the developer of the extension and Inno are working together to ensure the extension...
  17. Thunderdome

    QoL: Be able to use FP packs in Tech Tree

    Heh heh. Exactly. Of course, they could have the cancel (or X) button to leave the FP screen without making a purchase, if it is much easier.
  18. Thunderdome

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 12th July

    I really didn't know that. When @lordwasa posted the following for the changelog for Monday, I had a pique interest to go test it out: A search function has been added to the Global Ranking to allow players to search for players with a certain Great Building. It is still something in progress...
  19. Thunderdome

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 12th July

    Search function for the word isn't working... Tried Arc, arc, the, the arc. Not zeroing in on the terms. I don't think I want to search through the 176160 Great Buildings (10 per page x 17616 pages) on Beta for the ones I like to see...
  20. Thunderdome

    Discussion Favourite events 2021 so far

    Typically, any event that gives out a fully maxed building without spending diamonds would be my favorite. Luck events I do not like very much. It would require me to get up at a time where no one else is around in order to capitalize on such. Most definitely, I do not like the Wild Life Event...