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Search results

  1. Thunderdome

    Missing Graphics and/or Buttons

    Button graphics are missing.
  2. Thunderdome

    Higher Age Units for Lower Age City (??)

    On the live server, I just went to attack someone (on a retaliation) and found out they have higher age units (He/she is in the Late Middle Ages and the units were Colonial Age). Question is, is that even possible? If so, how? (so, I can get me some, lol).
  3. Thunderdome

    [Suggestion and Discussion] Neighborhood and Guild Trades

    Calling All First Year FOE Players, Prior to my forum account being deleted, I had posted a suggestion about trading that needs to be looked at when it comes to guild and neighborhood. I never got to see the end of it because work had consumed my life, hence why the long absence. What ever...
  4. Thunderdome

    Max Coin Amount for Buying Forge Points

    I am kind of curious. As coin amounts increase when a player purchase a forge point, I was wondering what is the max amount of coin will a forge point purchase be capped at? You know, where buying 1 or 10 would cost the same amount for each. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thunderdome

    Cannot Reproduce: App - Menu Selection Broken (??)

    Okay, who broke the app? Before the change, I was able to have the menu open on the app when I aid a player so I can visit their tavern afterwards by clicking on the tavern button. Now, I have to re-click on the player to open the menu again so I can visit their tavern after I click on the aid...
  6. Thunderdome

    Feedback Neighborhoods (Scouts Suck)

    I think the scouts need to be fired. How could they match a player (me at 323k) with players that are anywhere about twice or 20 times the amount? You would think they would at least place me right in the middle of the neighborhood so at least I could have a little fun. I guess I will have to...
  7. Thunderdome

    Do Not Suggest [Suggestion] Event Buildings Giving Out Supplies as Base

    Thought I would place this here since the buildings (event wise) I get started off with coins as the base. Throughout the few weeks, I managed to amass around 17 million in coins but only under 200k in supplies among various goods, medals, and forge points. I could place a few supply buildings...