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Search results

  1. Discussion What if: A Shateu GB for GE

    Raises the rewards from the chests only (not the relics) by a set amount possibly even at the same rate as shateu. At certain levels raises attempt prices a whole unit. Undecided on if it affects building/consumable item prices because that's double what has to go to the dealer weekly. Would...
  2. QoL: Be able to use FP packs in Tech Tree

    I know most people arn't moving through the ages, but one of the most inconvenient parts of going to a new age is manually filling your bar with FP packs to unlock techs. The FP bar is limited to only 100FP so you have to fill the bar, go into the tree, donate the 100, go back to your inventory...
  3. Is there a page that says which ages you should upgrade event buildings?

    Seems like it'd be a real pain in the sand to have to look up EVERY event building on the wiki to see if its stats improve in the next age or not. Is there like a guide or a wiki page that has a list of which event buildings get improved stats per era or something?
  4. Put Aztec Icon in Settlement Menu for All Ages

    Sorry my image looks like garbage, I don't have Photoshop on this computer and used MS Paint.
  5. Holiday Incidents during Events

    Please excuse my poor image and terrible city example for winter.
  6. Discussion Settlement: When did you give up on getting gold?

    I'm on #11 on my viking settlement on live, just couldn't make it on #10, every other settlement I had at least a day left on the settlement but the luck vs time element has been getting worse. The time gets shorter but the luck does not catch up. Technically the only benefit to gold is the...
  7. Forwarded Group Set Items in Inventory

    Proposal: All set items are tagged with the set name to easily group all items in a set together with the search function.
  8. Looking for FE goods for FP

    Finished ---- Trying to build an arc. I've already asked a few of the popular FP traders. Send me an in-game email. No BS offers please. Algae 300, Biogeochemical Data 350, Nanoparticles 375, Purified Water 450, Superconductors 400
  9. Cannot Reproduce: Chat/messaging not allowing me to type

    Usually I can click on the chat box to "check" to see if the game has frozen or not. The little blinking line appears when it's working. Today I am unable to click the chat box or type anything, although other people can message and chat. When I go to the messages, the same thing happens. I'll...
  10. Cannot Reproduce: Cant Scroll in Goods Menu after achievemnt update

    Reproduction Steps: 1. Click on name in upper left corner 2. Click on Goods tab Issue Description (10/10): I am in LMA and have goods through IA-CA. When I go to the goods tab, the tab automatically scrolls all the way down to the bottom (AF Goods), and then stays there. When I try to click on...
  11. Duplicate: Only One Age GVG map will load per session

    Reproduction Steps: 1. Go to GVG 2. Go to literally any map 3. Go to a different age map, it will not load until refreshing, but then any other age map will not load I can go successfully view one age of a GVG map and have it load very quickly, but if I try to go to a second age map the game...