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  1. ncshsg

    [Feedback] Winter Event 2019

    I wouldn't particularly be a fan of it, but if it benefits the majority of players then what do I say?
  2. ncshsg

    [Feedback] Winter Event 2019

    Is it necessary that all old buildings need a rebalance? Several buildings were added to the game at different points of time. The direction the game has taken after that may have made those buildings inefficient or not particularly desirable but does that mean that all those buildings need to...
  3. ncshsg

    Forge Bowl 2020

    Maybe the focus has shifted from players to coaches? I reckon it might be a questline about a player trying to find the "perfect" coach for himself.
  4. ncshsg

    Reported to Developers: Viking goods in wrong order

    The order appears correct for me on both Firefox and Chrome.
  5. ncshsg

    Reported to Developers: Uncorrect link to forum

    Yes, I can confirm this.
  6. ncshsg

    Quizzy 2.0

    Quizzy 2.0
  7. ncshsg

    Might be time to update this :)

    Might be time to update this :)
  8. ncshsg

    [Feedback] Winter Event 2019

    I've always liked the Winter event due to the festive spirit that comes with it. Maybe its nostalgia or whatever but the satisfaction that comes after opening a present and winning the DS (especially if it's within the first couple) has definitely lingered through all these years. One more...
  9. ncshsg

    SOK 2.0

    Well, just the assets have been added in the database. It is not a hard and fast rule that if anything's there in the database it HAS to be a part of the game (at least currently). We might see it in Forge Bowl next year, or maybe a couple of events later, but I do feel that we will have one in...
  10. ncshsg

    Beta Forum Changes

    Happy that trophy points have finally regained prominence in this new skin (they weren't as easily displayed in the previous one). However, I can't seem to grasp the idea why a simple word known as "likes" has been replaced with "positive reaction" in most places. It's not that we can give a...
  11. ncshsg

    Guild Admin Functions

    I don't think its available currently. A suitable alternative would be the guild forum, but that isn't present on mobile.
  12. ncshsg

    What about those historical missions we had until last year?

    That is an interesting observation, but aren't Settlements permanent while Historical Questlines are temporary? Moreover, Settlements are like a new feature which bring a multitude of rewards with them, while HQs are just very short events. It wouldn't be accurate in saying that a feature...
  13. ncshsg

    What about those historical missions we had until last year?

    Apparently several people complained as they had a very high frequency last year. This year went to the other extreme and we got completely rid of them. I particularly liked the portraits and some of the prizes, so I do hope we'll see some of these the next year.
  14. ncshsg

    Not A Bug: Visiting taverns...

    Anyone noticed that Inno has actually started listening to what we've been saying for years and begun reducing click-intensive tasks? First the FP donation box, then this, and next might be the aid-all button (or aid multiple people together).
  15. ncshsg

    [Feedback] Ongoing Changelog w/c 4th November

    Oh that is wonderful! I didn't notice this change.
  16. ncshsg

    Confectionary Upgrade Kit

    THIS is what I've been waiting for the past two and a half years. Though wouldn't it make more sense if it came with the Winter Event?
  17. ncshsg

    [Feedback] Ongoing Changelog w/c 4th November

    Agree wholeheartedly with this. Currently for PC players as the mobile versions have not been updated yet afaik, though when it releases on live it will release for all. I didn't quite understand what you mean?
  18. ncshsg

    Challenge 4

    Puzzle 1: F4 Puzzle 2: F1 Puzzle 3: C5 Puzzle 4: D2 Puzzle 5: A4
  19. ncshsg

    SOK 2.0

    Finally...I was quite surprised this hadn't made its debut till now.