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  1. New Idea Unlimited Donation Nodes

    There are buildings being added with QI attack/defense bonuses. Is it a stretch to imagine QI coin/supply bonuses as well? Does this merit another suggestion?
  2. New Idea Unlimited Donation Nodes

    I would argue that building the settlement is a time when donation nodes are not needed because most resources are being spent on settlement. Though this may just be my own playstyle. However, there are some guilds which cannot progress to the 6th level of QI, and so need lower-level access to...
  3. New Idea Unlimited Donation Nodes

    Especially with the much larger QI maps that we are seeing in Beta right now. Amended suggestion.
  4. New Idea Unlimited Donation Nodes

    It may be difficult to make an argument for lower levels. Most players should be able to fight at those lower levels.
  5. New Idea Unlimited Donation Nodes

    Unlimited attack/defense battle nodes have been added to QI from level 6 onwards. In the same vein, unlimited goods/unit donation nodes should be added as well but starting at lower levels. The reasoning for this addition at lower levels is to allow players in smaller guilds to still complete...
  6. Spoiler Care Event 2024

    Really liking the optimistic sci-fi agro-industry style that we're getting from these early buildings and images.
  7. Spoiler Care Event 2024

    Looking at the tractor in the background art, you may get your wish. It looks pretty Cybertruck-y to me, and that means futuristic.
  8. Spoiler Historical Allies

    It only confuses me why Inno chooses to have a generic "Spartan Soldier" instead of Leonidas. If it really is such a correlation. And the quantum attempt clock-thing, and the quantum level star-thing as well?
  9. Spoiler Historical Allies

    Maybe the heroes will give different bonus stats for the QI town hall? I think there is some correlation between the given heroes and the existing stats. Alexander : Red Attack (Offensive conquest of Asia Minor and beyond) Arminius : Red Defense (An offensive ambush at Teutoburg against Roman...
  10. Rejected Grand prizes for GBG

    Interesting idea. Might an independently purchased pass allow access by singular players to a premium reward path? All guild members would have access to up to the nth reward, and then any member who purchased the pass would receive in addition the extra n premium rewards?
  11. Spoiler Historical Allies

    Rise of Cultures has something similar called "Allied Cultures". It is a hybrid between FoE's Settlement and Planetary Colony features. I wonder if these will be similar. I must ask if it is necessary to add this feature when Settlements, Planetary Colonies, and QI already exist. Perhaps the...
  12. Rejected Mass Delete Units

    Requesting the ability to delete more than one unit at a time. With GvG removed, lower age units are no longer necessary for DAs. Allow players to delete these units more efficiently.