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  1. beelzebob666

    New Idea Inventory - Also show assembled items on top

    Iirc - As fragments are in a different tab on mobile, assembled pieces never show up on top.
  2. beelzebob666

    New Idea Inventory - Also show assembled items on top

    How many of each of the assembled do you have now?
  3. beelzebob666

    Discussion Stacking units

    why did you not do a bug report... now this bug is live...
  4. beelzebob666

    Feedback Quantum Incursions

    this should include the action points gained from housing this would probably also fix the issue with the bar not updating correctly when the action points are given when QI is currently open
  5. beelzebob666

    Not A Bug: Rival Quest asks to complete Antique Dealer task in Iron Age

    in that case it would indeed be quite a challenge... I thought the A/B test for the "era speed up" was finished already... it seems to be running for ages now already.
  6. beelzebob666

    Not A Bug: Rival Quest asks to complete Antique Dealer task in Iron Age

    AD is available within 3 techs of the early middle ages (unless you are part of an A/B test) be a proud "small nation" and live with your decision - and do not get offended by things not intended to be offending :p
  7. beelzebob666

    Feedback Quantum Incursions

    on discord ;):
  8. beelzebob666

    Not A Bug: Rival Quest asks to complete Antique Dealer task in Iron Age

    this is just part of the challenge - get to the AD before the challenge ends :P nope - they did not When these kind of tasks were first introduced, they did not have an alternative and some players could not play the regular event. IIRC this was changed only with the next event or the one...
  9. beelzebob666

    Fixed on Beta: Attack bonus doesn't show (again)

    not today it seems :P
  10. beelzebob666

    Forwarded Update Castle Rewards

    the rewards were outdated from the get-go - the only thing significant are the portraits (not really interesting for most) and the expansions in the high levels
  11. beelzebob666

    Not A Bug: All fighting slow down

    seems to be an issue with your PC not being able to handle a little css animation by the helpers new FP bar... it will likely be removed shortly... sorry for the inconvenience. for short term relieve you may copy this in console (F12): $('#fp-bar').hide()
  12. beelzebob666

    Feedback Big news for Forge!

    Well, if it holds true that the levels will be so difficult/expensive, that even in a couple years most players will not be able to complete them (there is no race to completion and no need to finish quickly), you do not need to buy too many tries anyway as you can spread GE over the full 6 days...
  13. beelzebob666

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 22nd January

    I really hope that is not the only change they are going to make...
  14. beelzebob666

    Feedback Big news for Forge!

    I do not like that the Observatory is getting fierce resistance - it should get a guild related boost. Maybe something like "Bonus for Guild goods Productions" - similar to the temples and Forge Fountains Bonus for FP Production.
  15. beelzebob666

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 15th January

    in Regards to the scrolling production texts: Please separate the amounts from the reward name - so the amounts are always visible. It is annoying to have to wait 10 seconds to verify how many fragments a building gives when it was missed the first time - also it simply is not visible long...
  16. beelzebob666

    New Issue: Guild EXpedition: wrong amount (or percentage) in treasure chest with goods

    No bug, it just looks stupid... maybe it was made like this so later changes are easier and less error prone (the less that has to be changed the few mistakes can be made).
  17. beelzebob666

    Forwarded Numbers Separator for Victory Points on Global ranking

    same thing would be appreciated here:
  18. beelzebob666

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 20th November

    unfortunately my laptop only has an i5 quadcore... I will test again, when the change hits live, but from my point of view it is a major bug or at least very bad programming that it is laggy in the first place
  19. beelzebob666

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 20th November

    Now only the city defenders need to be displayed at the end as well and I might finally consider using the feature again If it still is too laggy though, this change will not help too much
  20. beelzebob666

    Spoiler New Feature "Guild raids"?

    there were no buildings for the raids settlement yet iirc... I guess we can expect those to pop up in the next week or so