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  1. LastWarrior

    Forwarded Overview of red/blue attack/defense boosts in QI

    A good idea. lets have it thx
  2. LastWarrior

    Feedback Quantum Incursions update

    Its good to see these being activated but the costs are a little too high, they need bringing down maybe by half and it will still take years, dont worry.
  3. LastWarrior

    Spoiler New Quantum Incursion reward buildings

    Nothing for QI boosts though.
  4. LastWarrior

    Feedback Settlement: Polynesia

    This dance stage is useless as it is give it some QI atk/def at least.
  5. LastWarrior

    Feedback Quantum Incursions

    Why do you say its a failure? Our Guild like it very much.
  6. LastWarrior

    Feedback Settlement: Polynesia

    500 diamonds for one exxpansion is far too much 300 or even 250 would help a lot.
  7. LastWarrior

    Spoiler Next event

    I hope it stays like that as QI is a pain lol
  8. LastWarrior

    Feedback Antiques Dealer rebalance

    No need to remove the coins, good to see new items.
  9. LastWarrior

    Feedback Quantum Incursions

    Surely it cannot go to live servers without it working on mobiles?
  10. LastWarrior

    Discussion Best age for Campers

    No camping you get wet.
  11. LastWarrior

    Feedback Forge 12th Anniversary Event 2024

    It jjust needs adjjusting so its possible. However for the reward its not worth the time tbh.
  12. LastWarrior

    Feedback Get Ready for Epic Adventures in Polynesia & Enhanced Cultural Settlements!

    You nneed to add some help for QI in there.
  13. LastWarrior

    Feedback Quantum Incursions

    There are only a few that can do any fighting, what on earth do you expect us normal players to do. After about 16 tiles we cannot beat any army. I asked our players to show us their cities they built to be able to actually do the latter fighting. Having seen whats required and the cost to...
  14. LastWarrior

    Feedback Quantum Incursions

    Is there any buildings that help fighters as everything hammers my poor troops. I know about the decorations but they are useless too.
  15. LastWarrior

    Discussion Rework the GBs

    Well why not, all for it, a good idea.
  16. LastWarrior

    Feedback Quantum Incursions

    I cant beat hardly anything with the troops I guess we need some boosts from somewhere, that I have not got?
  17. LastWarrior

    Discussion Discuss: Settlements are not worth the time

    Bring them on , I'll go do the settlements now
  18. LastWarrior

    Feedback Get Ready for Epic Adventures in Polynesia & Enhanced Cultural Settlements!

    Wow I luv all the upgrades let me at them asap LOL Great Job.
  19. LastWarrior

    Spoiler 2024 Anniversary Event Discussion

    Some good ideas there, at least they are trying.