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  • Guild Expedition Level 5!

    You've heard the rumours, you've been waiting for it, and it has arrived! Brace yourself for a challenge that is our brand new level of the Guild Expedition! And it comes with a twist. You will now have to defend outposts from the enemy army and not attack one. Curious to know more? Click below to read everything about GE level 5 in our Forum announcement!

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  • Wildlife Event 2023

    Is there anything better than a cute Panda? Yes, a lot of cute Pandas! Wildlife is now active, find all details here!

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  1. Spoiler Space Age Titan

    I think our city land should also change with the age, maybe not all at once but small changes from the edges inwards as techs are unlocked to make a complete change when the next era is reached. Doesn't make sense that arctic future city has green land and forests, or even oceanic age, or...
  2. Feedback Guild Expedition Update

    I negged only 6 encounters and ran out of goods after gaining 10000 goods for the week, and not diamonding or repeating more attempts. It's just not feasible especially at the upper ages to completely transform your city from attack to defense in a couple weeks, especially now that it'll take...
  3. Feedback Guild Expedition Update

    When you can drop 10000 goods (1000 of each good from same age and previous age) on those 4 negs alone per week, yeah death will be imminent. There absolutely needs to be a buff at the totem to reduce amount of goods. 2-3 isn't even 0.5% of what is required for ONE single selection on the...
  4. Feedback Wildlife Event 2023

    Even if you got the gold frags, if the level 9 price doesn't give the fragments, then they'll just sit in your inventory until next year...???
  5. Feedback Guild Expedition Update

    Thanks guys for answering that Q. Not sure who thought portraits were a good level 5 price, maybe at some of the castles dispersed but not every single encounter only level 5!
  6. Feedback Guild Expedition Update

    Any ideas gents, or nobodys won a portrait in the last two weeks?
  7. Spoiler Stackable Units!

    Excited for this. Always annoying to have to scroll in between battles.
  8. New Idea Lvl 150 Blue Galaxy, buff it please

    I'd rather other GB got buffed that are quite literally useless in the game before asking BG to be buffed. Small percentage of players go beyond level 80, so this change would not benefit most players like for example buffing deals or basils % based on %/square rather than level. I admire your...
  9. Feedback Guild Expedition Update

    Does anyone know if you've won a portrait from level 5, what happens to that price on the next week? Can you win the portrait again? A different portrait? Or it only gives the other price?
  10. Feedback Wildlife Event 2023

    My big gripe with this event is this: the prices do not have any similar component in their name to search and see them all on the same page in the inventory. So I have to look in my 20 page inventory for the panda symbol.
  11. Feedback Guild Expedition Update

    They nerfed all of the lower level rewards and turned what you could get in one week to needing 720 fragments to build now. So everyones been hurt across the board on this.
  12. New Idea Incident next occurance timer

    Then they expire after 24 hours, so only one collect per day is ok. :p
  13. Discussion Forum Improvements

    I don't mind the spoiler tags, but I am still really irritated I have to go to two different pages to 1) view the content 2) discuss the content.
  14. New Idea Incident next occurance timer

    I dont understand the purpose, they appear every 4 hours?? Just collect your city once or twice per day, no need to constantly search.
  15. New Idea A change to the tavern boost.

    We need another slot for 50% and 100% boosts for an obscene amount of tavern silver and short period of time. I don't need days of added defense. I'd also like a reduced negotiation option as well as extra turn.
  16. Feedback Guild Expedition Update

    I'm just shaking my fists not being able to test the one feature I've been waiting since the first spoiler came out.
  17. Feedback Guild Expedition Update

    My guilds commenting that the cost to unlock level 5 is two times as much to open 1-4, and then why not let all guilds test the first week for free on beta. I didn't read a lot of the pages, but it seems like guild goods are going to fly out the window with this, gbg and gvg. I know my guild on...
  18. Discussion Forum Improvements

    I'm very confused because I only see english and not sure what this has to do with the spoilers section.
  19. Rejected Diamond portraits + $ portraits pack

    Well that will be a 5k package for a private commission from an artist. ;) I think they should have this in the avatar menu for diamonds so that you can buy them right there and change your picture. Its a nightmare trying to sort through all the pictures because they don't get added in order...
  20. Feedback Anniversary Event 2023

    Maybe you're missing what I'm saying. I have a level 9 building right now, completed all the tasks. The milestones next for me are: level 1 building, building upgrade, (reno kit), golden upgrade. So I can't complete the level 10 building without having to go 2 extra milestones and getting an...