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  1. Discussion Levels to Event Buildings Final vs Penultimate

    I think that that's exactly how it should be. In my main world I never failed to get the last upgrade-kit ever since I understood what events are and how they are intended to be played. In some WW worlds I sometimes didn't get all the upgrades and that annoyed me, but it was always my fault...
  2. Discussion Guild Battlegrounds Watchtower and Siege Camp Ability Re-balance

    It is possible to gain 6 Attrition from 6 fights with 96% reduction - it just means you got really unlucky in those 6 fights.
  3. Discussion Guild Battlegrounds Watchtower and Siege Camp Ability Re-balance

    Here is what I proposed: # SC SC Attr-Reduction Accumulated Reduction 1 30% 30% 2 24% 54% 3 18% 72% 4 12% 84% 5 6% 90% 6 or more 0 % 90% # WT WT Attr-Reduction Accumulated Reduction 1 8% 8% 2 6% 14% 3 4% 18% 4 2% 20% 5 or more 0% 20%...
  4. Rejected GBG matchmaking and league system changes

    I still think that a fixed number of spots in Diamond, Platinum, etc. (possibly as percentages of total active guilds) in combination with a Multiplayer Elo rating system would be the best approach. True skill by Microsoft is more complicated but - in the long run - more accurate: A simpler...
  5. Discussion Guild Battlegrounds Watchtower and Siege Camp Ability Re-balance

    Finally caught up to the end of the thread My thoughts on the changes: I do not like the idea of a hard cap. Shouldn't it be possible to find a combination that will reduce attrition to zero with, let's say 6 SC? The probability of sectors having 6 slots round them should be enough to force...
  6. AID ALL

    What really bothers me is that you go to the "Activate Boost" tab by default if you visit your friends tavern. I find that to be annoying, it should be MY choice if I want to watch an ad, not getting my nose stubbed into it everytime I just want to collect my tavern or activate a boost. I...
  7. Discussion Juber's gbg suggestions

    Regarding starting provinces: I think it should not be just free siege camps; instead maybe they could have to be build at the normal cost and only last 24 hours or something
  8. Discussion Guild Goods/Donations of Every Building Should Count in Quests

    We're getting off-topic... Whether buildings donate to the guild on my behalf or not is totally irrelevant. It should just be consistent for all buildings or specified in the quest text if there are exceptions.
  9. Feedback Wildlife Event 2022

    I really love this event, but the amount of coins is just ridiculous compared to the cost of the tool set
  10. Discussion Guild Goods/Donations of Every Building Should Count in Quests

    Well we could get into semantics there... If I collect my buildings there is an argument to be made that the goods are donated to me... But I would think that we agree, it should be one of these cases: ANY collection of a building giving guild goods counts as donation. NO collection of a...
  11. Discussion Guild Goods/Donations of Every Building Should Count in Quests

    I agree, either all buildings giving guild goods count as donating or none. I would tend to the "none" option since that would be most in line with the "donate" phrase in the quest description.
  12. Discussion Guild Goods/Donations of Every Building Should Count in Quests

    The difference is that the quest asks you to "DONATE". In the case of supplies, coins etc. it's "COLLECT"
  13. Discussion Juber's gbg suggestions

    I just stumbled over a Multiplayer ELO-Rating system which might be a better way to group guilds together according to their actual strength. It is independent of the member count or anything else I could think of. It has a parameter which allows giving more weight to getting first, second or...
  14. Feedback Wildlife Event 2022

    Well i must be godlike then, i got the last 3 pieces for my Eagle Mountain today in 4 games played... This event is more heavily skill dependent than most others imho.
  15. Rejected Investment confirmation

    Do your collection on time and you cannot be robbed. Don't accept unfair trades and you cannot be robbed. Take care of you GBs and you cannot be robbed. Is the system poorly designed or are you using the system poorly...
  16. Feedback Wildlife Event 2022

    WIll the insect hotel be available as a DS or is it only obtainable from the special reward line?
  17. Feedback Soccer Event 2022

    Stochastic is a b%$&h :) The crucial factor to consider is the number of attempts you get. At 100 attempts you would expect to win 1$ - 85/100 times -> 85$ 1,000,000 $ - 15/100 times -> 15,000,000 so even if you only win once, your reward is bigger than winning every time in the 1$...
  18. AID ALL

    I'm not an expert but I would think both messages have to do with things being done/changed server-side. The former if you try to connect while the changes are made, the latter if changes happened server-side while you are connected to the game and the browser and server stats of your city get...
  19. Forwarded Better Ads integration

    Same for me; on PC it just auto-activates all the features
  20. AID ALL

    We do not know exactly what they are A/B testing (ad length, # of ads, ...) - which would be interesting to know for the sake of transparency btw ;)