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Recent content by planetofthehumans2

  1. Spoiler 2021 Winter Event

    The surprise box is 9 days out, unless there's another event thats not winter awaiting us.
  2. Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 20th September

    I think it is slightly brighter and bolder on mine (maybe just your image upload? or change in the last few days?), I appreciate getting my chat in this screenshot LOL! Mine is 1 and yours is 2, almost identical. Because of the shading on the sides of the chat and the muted time colors, it...
  3. Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 20th September

    Well now it's blinding! Couldn't they have gone with something more neutral colored and not spread everything out across the box?? I don't need a tabs worth of space inbetwen the time and the username and the actual message.
  4. Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 20th September

    Theres too much unused space in the chat bar now. Perfect chat response to new chat bar: 04:12 Joeliwan: omg my eyes are being assaulted
  5. Feedback Halloween Event 2021

    I got 10 kits, is there a configuration of pieces that's even worth building with this?
  6. Feedback Halloween Event 2021

    I literally am only missing Mr Tickles (same I was missing last year) and have 3 of the same silver doll. I've been doing the daily task, but dan some of them are straight up ridiculous, two of them were 60+ 5 minute productions, 20+ 8 hour productions, like what I have all the time in the...
  7. New Idea Add one more level to Last Activity Indicator

    What reason to keep them on the list if they don't aid you though? You'll probably know the people you need to keep in outer-guild 1.9.
  8. New Idea Add one more level to Last Activity Indicator

    I've gone on 2 week vacations and d/c'ed my city until I returned. You can also put in your profile that you're leaving so friends don't drop you for activity. I'd actually prefer if it measured time since last aid rather than them just logging into the game....
  9. Spoiler 2021 Winter Event

    "But the devs are german" :p
  10. Feedback Halloween Event 2021

    Take too many tools to find the daily stamp compared to how many stamps we get per day.
  11. Spoiler 2021 Winter Event

    No snow for winter price ??? Could be a summer event building from the looks of it.
  12. Discussion What if: A Shateu GB for GE

    Raises the rewards from the chests only (not the relics) by a set amount possibly even at the same rate as shateu. At certain levels raises attempt prices a whole unit. Undecided on if it affects building/consumable item prices because that's double what has to go to the dealer weekly. Would...
  13. Feedback Halloween Event 2021

    Here's my feedback about this event: KISS - keep it simple, stupid!
  14. Feedback Fall Event 2021

    I probably only did 3 daily tasks LOL but I'm not complain about not finishing the set! Wont bother on live either.
  15. Feedback Fall Event 2021

    You cant do both tasks at the same time if all of your productions are going to the 8 hour task. I only have one production of my age on this world, so even completing the task of my age of some 20 productions took days because I just don't have the time to sit here popping off 5 min productions...