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Recent content by FrejaSP

  1. FrejaSP

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 20th September

    Please allow me to disable that Heal all in setting, it's så annoying and I hit it all the time with a mistake og have to cancel the healing. That's button is a pain
  2. FrejaSP

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 13th September

    I really hate that Heal all button so close to the OK button, if it have to be there, move it to left side. It now are far to easy to click on it instead of the OK button
  3. FrejaSP

    Feedback Your suggestion for our Community Sprint (version 1.209)

    That would work perfect for me, even 1% in early castle levels would help. But yes, some who fear being plundered would hate it :p
  4. FrejaSP

    Feedback Your suggestion for our Community Sprint (version 1.209)

    Flexibility - Real life vs FoE As Guild leaders I way to often see members and friends quit the game. The reason is, real life job, family and FoE dont work together. - FoE are way more time consuming than it was just 1-2 years ago - It may work for retired and the unemployed but Inno also...
  5. FrejaSP

    Feedback Castle System

    Yes but why not before the battle
  6. FrejaSP

    Feedback Castle System

    When I start a negations, I can se if I get Castle point, that is nice, why can't i see it when I start at Battle I also need a status button in the castle, that show what I have collected today, saying something like: Negations 3/15 Battles 5/15 Big encounters 1/4 Auktionshuse 0/6 0/1 Daily 1/1
  7. FrejaSP

    Feedback Cultural Settlements - Mughal Empire

    This settlement plain sucks. You should not have to remove everything to get Diplomati, you should get the diplomati if you build your settlement wisely. You should only have to delete buildings to upgrade them or if you not need them more. There is something very wrong with this settlement
  8. FrejaSP

    Feedback Cultural Settlements - Mughal Empire

    I'm just startet, and i find it so slow, that I fear way to many jest will give up.
  9. FrejaSP

    Feedback Castle System

    I could add, milestones in GBG, Level af Attrition milestones 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
  10. FrejaSP

    Feedback Castle System

    I like it so far. Will not changes my game much except for some nice rewards. I hope it will get more players active in GBG Got my first level already
  11. FrejaSP

    Recruiting DK Beta Easy Riders looking for Danish players

    Hello, me and a friend are trying to start a Danish guild. We will have very few rules as vi know most do have fokus on their live towns. We will try to get a 90% boost tread up running, maybe with extern support. The door i open, visit us and see if you like our little group.
  12. FrejaSP

    Feedback Event Hub Feedback

    I's a large building, could be useful if I could see a better view of what event building and upgrades I have in stock. Sometimes I have a level 1 building, some upgrade to the building and some selections kit to the building and know I need 9 levels but would be nice with a quick view that show...
  13. FrejaSP

    Feedback Archaeology 2021

    This event is easy to do without diamond. I have every daily calendar, I have 10 gem shards = 2 gems in stock with 2 days to the end and I have one gem I can see but have not yet collected. I have 540 scrolls left, I will use when the daily special is a Reno kit (hopes) I have used zero...
  14. FrejaSP

    Will Not Fix: City Happiness drops to 0

    Same, the game is flashing and unplayable until after refresh and the Inn do also have problems. Also playing Chrome
  15. FrejaSP

    Feedback Spring Event 2021 Feeback

    Same here, I doubt I will make it