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Recent content by Fire Lord

  1. Fire Lord

    Discussion Mughal settlement has a fixed Embassey goods

    I can't figure out the mughal settlement. I can't produce enough coins to make resources, and I can't get the town hall goods to work.
  2. Fire Lord

    Discussion DNSL: This section is a work in progress.

    Personally, none of my ideas ever get done. Too few votes, people disagreeing, etc make it so my ideas never reach the devs. If you have a suggestion, I'd just make it. The worst they can do is say no. With the way the dnsl is made, most things can be argued as DNSL.
  3. Fire Lord

    New Chain Ability

    No. What you are asking would allow someone to put two winter trains and collect double the rewards from the train cars in the middle. Same with the other buildings, vineyard, pirate hideout, etc.
  4. Fire Lord

    Feedback Castle System

    I'm jealous! I'm still 10,750 going from level 3 to 4! I want to reach level 5 so I can get this portrait, it's my favorite so far.
  5. Fire Lord

    Feedback Castle System

    Sorry if this was already suggested, but you should add the amount of castle points you get from buying diamonds to each corresponding package. I'm considering buying diamonds to quickly level the castle system, but I won't buy it if I don't know what I'm buying, if that makes any sense. By...
  6. Fire Lord

    Feedback The Summer Event returns for 2021

    Why the heck is the troop gone? it's now just 8% defence.
  7. Fire Lord

    Spoiler New Settlement?? Mughal Empire

    Are there impediments in this settlement? Chains and impediments together would be hell.
  8. Fire Lord

    Spoiler New Settlement?? Mughal Empire

    Those buildings look the same, and it's the page on information about the settlement. Idk why the shrine is there though lol.
  9. Fire Lord

    Spoiler New Settlement?? Mughal Empire

    I think the chain's are for the actual settlement, not the city!
  10. Fire Lord

    Spoiler 2021 Summer Event

    I'm honestly surprised how little space there is between wildlife and Summer. The summer event starts in a week and wildlife just finished yesterday.
  11. Fire Lord

    Spoiler 2021 Summer Event

    I'll probably get a couple of the chain pieces simply because they look awesome. It'd be nice to have a small harbor in my city. We'll just need to wait for stats now.
  12. Fire Lord

    Spoiler Emissary player portraits

    About time! I remember someone on beta requesting that years ago.
  13. Fire Lord

    Spoiler Castle System

    we finally got some of the castle pictures as well.
  14. Fire Lord

    Spoiler Castle System

    I don't know about you guys, but that portrait is totally badass.
  15. Fire Lord

    Spoiler New Settlement?? Mughal Empire

    So, no new info on mughals yet?