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Recent content by Darrth Eugene Vader3

  1. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion New Ideas

    More expansions, from province, research plus additionals to be obtained with medals and diamonds will come with next SAJ era, as with any new era. but yes, the City Grid Map must be enlarged to provide room for more. I wish the City Grid Map grow in all directions forming a square or...
  2. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Open more Guild levels

    Play style, time invested in the game, and objectives are different at Beta vs Live Worlds. Experience or stats at Beta are not that relevant in this matter than in Live worlds. The change if implemented will impact all servers, not just Beta. Why on Earth a Engineering and Maintenance...
  3. Darrth Eugene Vader3


    Better strategy than the one fast unit used by Don Quijote (one knight on horse).
  4. Darrth Eugene Vader3


    Don Quijote (english: Don Quixote) fighted them, but then realized they were not Giants, but just windmills. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quixote
  5. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Ultimate 1.9 System Improvement

    That was the reason to stop at level 80. Level 80 giving 1.9, To get 10% more or 2.0 need to complete 100 additional levels !!! Most players just stopped at Level 80 and dedicate the FPs to other priorities. Now after having most or all relevant GBs at level 80, then revisit the Arc and...
  6. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion New Ideas

    Facing an army that is 10 times stronger than your units is not unbalanced? Unfair? Looking at Continent Map, would the game keep the current normal Era units? Would then attacking the Continent Map with Giants just remove the difficulty presented by the game and conquering the map be just be...
  7. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion New Ideas

    Create an army of "Giants" which are 10 times stronger than units of the same age, to dominate all fights unless the opponent have manage to setup a DA of 8 "Giants", and even in that scenario, the attacker have advantages against the AI? Highly unbalanced idea. Would the game also use...
  8. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Ultimate 1.9 System Improvement

    Nothing in the game says that the rate to use is the one given by an Arc at level 80 (1,9). Nothing in the game says to stop leveling Arcs or GBs in general at level 80. Nothing in the game says you have to use a 1,9 rate if your Arc can give you more than that. Very early in the game the GBs...
  9. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion New Ideas

    Not a new idea.
  10. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion New Ideas

    Forgetting for a moment that ideas about new GBs or simply new buildings are DNSL an idea for that should define in the Details section as a minimum: Name of the GB: Age of the GB: Size: 5x7 ? 6x6 ? Other? Visual Design / Image: Construction / Goods Costs: FPs required for Level 0: ______...
  11. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Ultimate 1.9 System Improvement

    Yeah, including the Texas Instruments' TI-80 calculator I used when I was in university.
  12. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea boosted good building overview

    I find this useful but in the Build Menu, not at the Continent Map.
  13. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    New Idea Order of Buildings at the Reconstruction Mode Tabs

    I already replied to that. If I follow your logic If I post my suggestion about sorting the list of buildings at the RM Tabs at an idea about modifying the Army Management screen to allow the selection of a 9 units attacking army then that another totally different idea would be a duplicate of...
  14. Darrth Eugene Vader3

    Discussion DNSL: This section is a work in progress.

    The DNSL is long, it has 17 bullets specifying ideas topics the developers do not want to receive, but there is room for new suggestions, ideas, proposals to submit. My intention with this Discussion is to raise the level of understanding of the DNSL and clarify some terms used in it.