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Recent content by Amdira

  1. Amdira

    Feedback Castle System

    I'm happy it's going live next week, BUT they really should adjust spending tavern-silver-quests to activate-tavern-boosts-quests only It might not be a big deal for experiened players with tons of tavern silver, but for beginners every single silver is still precious
  2. Amdira

    Discussion More levels for the Statue of Honor

    I wouldn't sell the SoHs to the antiques dealer, but rather collect them in the inventory to have there some of different eras, Whenever the guild is in need of lower era goods, you can exchange the SoHs in the city - it's not much, but might help - especially if more players would do it.
  3. Amdira

    Feedback Cultural Settlements - Mughal Empire

    No, but they added 500 and 250 rupees for quest 2 and 4
  4. Amdira

    New Idea Ample system for guild activity

    Confirmed (although the individual ativity status can be looked up on other sites, but that's not the point of the discussion/suggestion)
  5. Amdira

    New Idea Ample system for guild activity

    Create a ample system for guild activity visible to all players
  6. Amdira

    Do Not Suggest A little help getting throw Bronze Age

    No Castle system is just doing this. Getting 1 FP and 5 goods from the chests per day just for loggin should be a great help for BA already Anyway ppl should learn how to generate coins, supplies, FPs, goods and medals by themselves - might help through the rest of the game :)
  7. Amdira

    Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 26th July

    Why are there not all avatars available? I'm missing also some which are active in the town hall.
  8. Amdira

    Discussion We need more automation

    Try to convince Alexa or Siri :cool:
  9. Amdira

    Level-up lock for Great Buildings

    no thx - when not all reward ranks have been filled yet and it's being levelled you are making benefit, so what - just do your maths - secure/advertise last spot close before levelling or even after first collection (if double collection is possible) - don't unlock next level - teach your...
  10. Amdira

    Feedback Cultural Settlements - Mughal Empire

    Just recalculated Chiatri 14*16 = 224 Water Canal 7*24 = 168 10+20+30+30+30+30+30 = 180 Alley 4*24= 96 5+10+15+20 = 50 Sums up to 718 - so each additional water canal gives +30 as it seems - following this logic each additional alley after 5 should give +25
  11. Amdira

    Feedback Cultural Settlements - Mughal Empire

    700 without deleting any houses, just the 3 spice traders - anyway kinda annoying puzzle
  12. Amdira

    Feedback Castle System

    One cannot learn the written and unwritten rules of this game within some days or weeks - even if they would offer a free package with everything you need to join a big guild. It's still a long time game and that's fine. There are already too many beginners who are thinking rushing eras and...
  13. Amdira

    Feedback Castle System

    Come on - I'm not a native speaker and maybe there is a better word to define what I mean with beginners - and we are still talking about years and not only the first 2 weeks. Who is giving up within the first weeks has other reasons and no system will be able to prevent them from it.
  14. Amdira

    Feedback Castle System

    I don't mind the time - some are playing the game since 8 years and I'm pretty sure there will be some changes to the system from time to time - or not - whatever - as I said before it seems to be designed for beginners to motivate them and not for the pros who are never satisfied with whatever...