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  1. angelgail
  2. angelgail
    thanks it says I have trophys but I don't know how to collect them so thanks for the likes
  3. angelgail
    it is in the live servers now Dunarsund,Langendorn,Sinerania an XYR hope they get it fixed fast
  4. ncshsg
    If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. (Dolly Parton)
  5. ncshsg
    ncshsg angelgail
    I suggest you both lodge bug reports in forum or contact support.
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    2. angelgail
      it is fixed here now but in the live world now as of tonight
      Jan 11, 2018
  6. SamLatoo
    Beta is bullshit - I'm done with it
    1. ncshsg
      Why do you think so?
      Jan 10, 2018
  7. Lorenard
    Lorenard Zarok Dai
    1. ncshsg
      I’ll give you a piece of advice: Zarok rarely answers queries through status comments. If you want a quicker answer, try sending her a PM or support ticket.
      Jan 10, 2018
  8. Mikekun
    I'm can't log in to the game, in FoE beta page :)
  9. angelgail
    i cant be the only person whos city has no sound
    1. ncshsg
      You must’ve disabled it.
      Jan 8, 2018
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    2. BigT67
      I have no sound in my city right now either. It was working a few days ago, but now, no sound when I collect my goods and supplies, or when I click on incidents. I do get some audio when I go into the taverns (mine or friends').
      Jan 9, 2018
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    3. angelgail
      nope did not disable it the music I do but not the others
      Jan 11, 2018
  10. Drenyll
    I'm a new Bêta Player but I'm a french player too ;)
  11. ncshsg
    Wishing all my dear forum-mates a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018. :)
  12. SamLatoo
    SamLatoo Zarok Dai
    Tried writing to you 240- characters now enough, is there another way to communicate?
  13. Libet
    Libet Skuggan99
    Try that address, but dont include my name, i dont know why my name was put in front of InnoGames. so remove "Libet" and u have the address to Inno Community Management in Germany.
  14. Libet
    Libet Skuggan99
    InnoGames GmbH
    Community Management
    Friesenstraße 13
    20097 Hamburg
  15. k3k4
  16. ncshsg
    Acta, non verba (Deeds, not words)
  17. Achaeus
    Achaeus Blulady
    Hi Blu, saw you were having trouble logging in! If you have a tablet the Winter event is on mobile now too, so you might try that. We all miss you and hope you'll be back soon!
  18. Darkness Keeper
    Darkness Keeper
    The Lost Soul, are we suddenly the forgotten....
  19. plinker
    plinker Amy Steele
    Why won't Beta now do the Chrome browser, and what browser should I use?
  20. bronze69
    Once in a while you can show them the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right :-)