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  1. UBERhelp1
    I need to change my profile pic... but I'm too lazy :P
  2. Thunderdome
    Happy New Year to All!!!
  3. Johnnie Walker
    Johnnie Walker
    I'm still waiting for "Endgame-Content"... the Cultural-Settlements - especially the rewards - are boring... :(
  4. ncshsg
    Feliz Navidad!
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  5. GusoNonso
    Just dropped in from another planet.
  6. bilboman
    bilboman Rhenish
    I don't know if this will work but we are trying to reach you on Beta - RP is worried because Inno is doing some kind of cleanup on inactive accounts.
  7. zlobnyj bot
    zlobnyj bot Zarok Dai
    how do you comment update 1.141 on interface changes
    taking into account the fact that the anchor points of stretching the window along the width remain the same
  8. i2mcabre
    There are no messages on i2mcabre's profile yet.
  9. Micki..M
    Micki..M Zarok Dai
    Why does it say I don't have enough privileges now to post on the forum? I've posted there before. I wanted to post a question about the viking settlement. Why does the shrine not double in copper when you double in hours, just like everything else does in the productions?
    1. beelzebob666
      What "everything else"?

      The behavior now is pretty close to your normal city - productions get more and more inefficient when production time increases - this is to reward player activity - the only difference with settlements would be that there is no motivation - that can compensate for the higher inefficiency with longer productions...
      Dec 13, 2018
    2. Micki..M
      "Everything else" - ALL other productions on FoE. There is no such things as 'Trying to keep us online'.
      Dec 15, 2018
  10. AuGroddnick
    The winter event is gone?
  11. servantofforges
    My 2nd Cultural Settlement will be better for sure.
  12. Lord Crisse
    Lord Crisse
    first Week on beta...
  13. servantofforges
    I start beta testing at 6th of nov. 2018. Trying to complete my first Viking Settlement .
    1. WykkenFenn
      Good luck! I hope you do well. :-)
      Nov 23, 2018
  14. MagicMiam
  15. SandrineD
    SandrineD MagicMiam
    Tu es aussi modo sur la béta ? Hihi
  16. Lord Crisse
    Lord Crisse
    ...lächle denn du kannst sie nicht alle töten !!
  17. Darrth Eugene Vader
    Darrth Eugene Vader
    Monarch 16 NOV 18
  18. Fair
    I like to the changes to the Candles, and having it be random
  19. dozo
    Sneak a little, peek a little
  20. AuGroddnick
    how many worlds are ther on the beta server?
    1. Emberguard
      Nov 12, 2018
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