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Thread: How to get diamonds

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    How to get diamonds

    I am trying to unlock new technologies but some of those are unlocked only by using diamonds.

    How can we get them? For free I mean.

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    Diamonds are premiumpoints. But you can't buy premium yet since this is a preview version of the game.
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    I guessed so too, but I hoped there was a solution for the testers of this preview version.

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    yes be nice to unlock irrigation because i researched it :P

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    Good to know that I shouldn't bother with it.

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    yer i did to , was sure diamonds was an option when u unlock jewelry manufactur

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    Quote Originally Posted by yal-a-dar View Post
    yes be nice to unlock irrigation because i researched it :P
    theres a few dead end techs due to the diamond or lack there of thing...

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    Might be that those techs aren't finished yet?

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    No, there is a few premium techs that will stay that way.

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    Well then nino... Will we - at some point - receive a similar 'premium' bonus as on the TW beta servers to 'test' those techs too? ^^

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